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Date: February 13, 2014 Author: Craftonomics Categories: News

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Craftonomics owner and founder, Lola Ahmedova, recently answered these questions in an interview. (Photo of another article Lola has been featured in)

1. What is your business about?

Craftonomics is all about promoting creativity in/among children and youth. They are more than capable of learning any life skill using their precious imagination to make custom, handmade, and thoughtful gifts for themselves or their loved ones. Craftonomics is there to provide encouragement, guidance and the right tools to foster, develop their creativity and build stronger confidence. One of our aims is to show them that everything is doable if one gives it a try, or everything is makeable if we use our creativity. At Craftonomics learning a new skill becomes even easier for them while tackling any new project in a fun and safe environment. Our educational projects are hand selected according to every child’s ability and interests. Our practical and relatable crafts are age-specific and intended to help them do better at school, be more organized, plan well, achieve positive results and feel the sense of accomplishment with every completed project! Craftonomics aims to teach children to decrease their foot print on earth while teaching sustainability and finding ways to make daily life essentials using creativity: custom made accessories, trendy clothes and nutritional food are some of many topics we cover. Craftonomics encourages peer learning as kids enjoy socializing and improving their communication, problem solving skills and team playing.

2. How is creativity needed to be an entrepreneur in Canada?

In my opinion, creativity is very important for every entrepreneur in Canada. Creativity allows you to think outside the box and find the solutions that lead to new innovations, and this is the core of what makes someone an entrepreneur. This type of business person has the type of mind that sees more and desires more than the regular 9-5 job. Perhaps they had their creativity stifled in other jobs, or perhaps their living situation required them to find something more flexible. Just like Craftonomics strives to teach children use their creativity to see alternate ways to make things work, the entrepreneur uses their creativity to imagine a new way to make their living besides what is already available to them in the community.

3. What has been the most valuable experience as a new Canadian?

My family immigrated six years ago as Skilled Immigrants. My husband and I were economists, but like most new Canadians settling in a new place we found that the most beneficial assets we had were our life skills. My husband maintains our house and car (including changing the oil himself) and I take care of our daily essentials such as food, clothes, and housework. In addition, I do my best to prepare my 2 active boys for life, including nurturing their creativity and problem solving skills. After my maternity leave from a financial sector, I decided to follow my passion and include other children in my misson to promote creativity in our lives. I love what I do and can confidently say that thanks to the creativity we foster in our children, they will be able to live their lives to the fullest and have a successful future.

It was the move to Canada that gave me the chance to start appreciating the life skills that I had learned in home economics class at school and from my mom at home. My childhood memories are full of proud moments where I experienced the joy of making things with my own hands. Therefore, I started pursuing my passion and sharing the joy of creativity. I hope every parent who wants the best for their children will promote creativity in their child from early years so that they become more confident and well prepared for a bright future.

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