Craftonomics offers scheduled classes at various locations across Ottawa, including EcoEquitable (EE), Community Centers, and Loblaws classroom space. Children register individually and have a craft kit included in their registration.


Our classes are designed based on skill level of children grouped by ages.  The youngest age group will focus on an introduction to basic skills and mastering the use of the tools. Mid-level groups will focus on learning new techniques and more advanced projects.


The highest level (ages 15-18) will be taught a special sewing and crafting program, where they can learn life skills essential for future employability. Hands on projects will emphasize budgeting, project and time management while using innovative technology means to acquire further skills such as self-learning and entrepreneurial skills. These necessary skills obtained through our latest level program will prepare them to be ready to enter the job market and become self-sustainable (eg. be involved in fashion and design or sewing and alteration business and earn income).