Crochet Catalogue

  • Single Crochet

    Single Crochet

    This basic stitch introduces the whole craft of crochet to new learners. This skill opens the door to many fun crochet projects.

  • Double Crochet

    Double Crochet

    Once the learner masters single crochet they can pick up some tall stitches, including double crochet. Tall stitches make different textures and help projects go more quickly!

  • More Stitches of Crochet

    More Stitches of Crochet

    Begin combining the chain stitch, single crochet, and tall stitches to make more interesting projects!

  • Shell Stitch

    Shell Stitch

    Shell stitch is very popular for baby blanket projects, and also makes great hats!

  • Basketweave Hat

    Basketweave Hat

    This course makes a bright and fun basketweave stitch pom-pom hat! People won't believe you made it yourself!

  • Coin Jar Cover

    Coin Jar Cover

    This class not only teaches kids how to make a colorful coin jar cozy, but also conveys the importance of saving money!

  • Intro to Amigurumi

    Intro to Amigurumi

    Your child will adore their first little Amigurumi! This class teaches how to crochet a sphere and decorate it with yarn and beads to make a stuffed decoration or keyring charm!

  • Amigurumi 2

    Amigurumi 2

    In this course students learn to crochet different shapes to create complete stuffed animal projects!

  • Ripple Crochet

    Ripple Crochet

    This iconic afghan stitch makes an interesting texture for a project that will last generations!