Craftonomics is about promoting creativity in children and youth. They can learn life skills using their imagination to make custom, handmade, and thoughtful objects that can be used as gifts. Craftonomics provides encouragement, guidance, and the right tools to develop their creativity, and to build confidence, which leads to independence. We show them that everything is makeable if they are resourceful.

At Craftonomics learning a new skill becomes easier in a fun and safe environment. Our educational projects are selected according to each child’s abilities and interests, and depending on their age. As a result they do better at school, become more organized, learn to plan and execute ideas, achieve positive results and feel a sense of accomplishment with every completed project.

Craftonomics teaches children to decrease their foot-print on the earth. We focus on sustainability and find ways to make daily life essentials using ingenuity. Up-cycling and re-purposing activities enable the children to discover limitless possibilities in crafting.

We offer flexible and mobile workshops, we bring crafts and sewing classes to schools or homes. For instance during birthday parties, the child chooses a loot-bag that includes all they need for a craft project. We offer mobile workshops for small groups of students.

We also offer classes in two locations, Nepean and Overbrook, where children make custom-made accessories and trendy clothes from scratch. Craftonomics encourages peer learning as kids enjoy socializing, improving their communication skills, solving problems and playing in teams.