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Business Overview


Craftonomics provides crafting workshops and sewing classes to school age children. We are here to let every child use their creativity and learn important life skills in a fun way. We let them experience the sense of accomplishment and confidence building effect that comes from participating in crafting activities. Every class and project is designed according to that particular group’s age and skill level. In addition to building up the children, Craftonomics also works to spread awareness about the environment while encouraging everyone to use their creativity to share gifts in a more meaningful way. It is important to realize that we have the power to reuse items and make unique handmade crafts that decrease consumption.


At Craftonomics, children are taught a skill that will serve as a strong base to develop other skills that help them to do well in other fields of education like math, science and technology. They will discover their inner potential to learn a skill that would make them more independent. Our value is to recognize and award crafty families, including their creative children while giving back to communities.  We believe that every child can enjoy crafting as a part of a family outing or bonding experience. We are a great option for everyone who does not already have a home economics education, and who are interested in picking up domestic skills and hobbies, such as sewing, crafting, cooking, financial management, and healthy living.


Craftonomics prepares children for a better life by giving them the skills and confidence they need to embrace their creativity and tackle any challenges throughout their life. Craftonomics will build a fundamental base for those skills and knowledge at school, along with developing self-learning skills that makes them result-oriented and help easily learn new skills that might be needed in every aspect of life. Advantages that make Craftonomics unique are that our programs are designed to improve their communication, team work and leadership skills. Craftonomics aims to be that essential link to help kids to transition as a skillful, self-confident and responsible adult.


Company Vision and Mission Statement



Craftonomics prepares children for a better life by giving them the skills and confidence they need to embrace their creativity and tackle any challenges they may face in life. Craftonomics will build a fundamental base for those skills and knowledge at school, along with developing a self-learning skill that makes them result-oriented and help easily learn new skills that will be needed throughout their lives.



Craftonomics envisions a future generation that embraces domestic skills and hobbies that can lead to better self-sufficiency, health, happiness, and satisfaction through gaining self-confidence, sense of accomplishment and further interest in developing their creativity, one craft at a time.


Company Profile

Craftonomics exists to fill a gap that parents, teachers, school curriculum, and after school programs have no time, money, or knowledge to promote creativity during the most important stages of our lives.  We have been taught that creativity is a special gift that belongs to the few, and that is judged by comparison. All children have little artists in them, but they are not encouraged to uncover their talent. Children can come up with so much creativity if given an inspiring guidance. Craftonomics’ age and skill oriented programs help to discover kids’ talents and teach them essential life skills that will serve as a strong base for developing important skills and foundation for their successful future.


Craftonomics offers special sewing and crafting classes to older kids to help them increase their employability while preparing them for a job market. Workshops such as Make a Wear help everyone in the class to address their daily needs such as clothing and healthy eating. Our main goal is to teach them how to learn any new skills and “go fish” (from the saying “give someone a fish and it will last a day, but teach them to fish and they will eat everyday”). Craftonomics believes that everyone deserves to have an opportunity to try a life skill, discover their potential, and confidently rely on themselves at times when there might be a need to re-use, re-purpose or up-cycle existing resources.  We believe we can teach these skills from young age, especially when they are so eager to learn and discover limitless possibilities crafting offers.


Company Services



Craftonomics will offer hosting services for various events and workshops, such as birthday parties, family events, holiday workshops, festivals, fairs and etc. This service option is the “mobile” option and will be used for any group workshops and classes with more than 5 students.  Customers choose from craft catalogue which theme they would like to book and the workshops come to them! Group events for up to 10 children are at the flat rate of $125 per hour ($150 for non members). For additional discounts there is annual membership/registration option for $50. Every additional child per family receives further discounted price of $8 (10$ for non members) per hourly sessions.



Classes will be offered at various rented locations, including EcoEquitable (nonprofit partner organization), community centers, churches, library and school classroom space and meeting/board rooms. Craft Kits are included when children register individually for $15 per hour ($20 for non members). Young adults can benefit from our more complex projects for $25 per hour in group sessions. Less than 5 students in the class are charged at the rate of individual classes. Crafting activities are assigned according to their age and skills. Their skills are assessed in the initial introductory part of each class or at the time of registration (when possible).



Pricing will be based on the hourly rate. Customers with membership will receive further discounted price rate. These types of services and workshops offered by Craftonomics are also a great option for after-school programs or summer camp activities! There is an hourly flat rate for the group of up to 10 children, and every additional child will be charged a flat fee per event, which may be more than for an hour.



Service of one-on-one individual private classes for all ages can be offered based on their skill level, craft/sewing project type and other custom features. Prices may range from $50 to $75 per hour for individual sessions. Due to a high demand for private classes for adults we offer free sessions for seniors looking for something meaningful and yet rewarding to do in their spare time. Craftonomics will be there to use this opportunity to access families who might be interested and convinced about the importance of involving their younger generations as well. Incentives to grand/parents are that they can attend the workshops for free if they bring a grand/child or host a crafting event at their place.



Craftonomics also exists to save the dying skill of sewing and crafting while serving people with individual needs or sizes.  It makes people feel special, confident, proud, and rewarded in clothes they have made themself. Craftonomics customers receive many added benefits from our programs, including having an unforgettable experience and an appreciation for economic skills and hobbies. Craftonomics is building its boutique, where families can also purchase ready hand-made products in addition to patterns made for every specific need and projects. Extra craft kits are available for purchase if the participant would like extra materials to make another project at home. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, money order, debit and credit cards


Company Catalogue

The Course Catalogue at www.craftonomics.ca offers an online visual representation of the course samples. Each project is themed according to the current trend and market demand. Craftonomics is priced competitively in the market among other recreation and party activity providers. Each project will be themed according to the current trend and market demand. For example, making pouches/card holders themed as Pokemon, Skylander, Star Wars or drawstring sacs/backpacks for Barbie Dolls, Polly Pockets, Little Pet Shop, Little Critters and Rainbow Loom organizers.  They will be in accordance with up to date curriculum and such functional, trendy and relate-able features and projects.


Company Features

Besides being entertaining and fun, Craftonomics’s recreational services and home economics programs are accessible as they are mobile and can take the home economic, arts, and crafts workshops directly to our client’s home.  Recent research, developments, and innovations are showing an increasing need for life skills instructions for children as they are not receiving them inside the home or school.  Craftonomics has many features, including:


  • Saves travel time and cost for parents and caregivers
  • Gives convenience of using our crafting kits, tools and sewing machines that are high maintenance otherwise especially for beginners who will avoid the hassle of running back and forth to the shops and become comfortable to use one before making that important purchasing decision
  • Every project is hand-picked and customized according to each groups’ age range and skills to assure inspiring, encouraging experience with up-to-date useful tricks and tips that will make the learning process more enjoyable and fun rather than frustrating as in most cases for inexperienced craters
  • Our customized curriculum listed online teaches them what they need rather than traditional way of structured teaching by offering more flexibility and up to date techniques
  • Birthday party crafts offer the customer and their friends a full range of crafting activities and games to be well entertained while learning a life skill to take with them
  • Holiday crafts will cover all occasion craft needs one might have and can be for family gatherings, friends night out, mother and daughter or grandma and grandchild crafts to have that bonding experience while sharing unforgettable moments of learning a life skill


Company Benefits

Craftonomics services offer a skills training that will last longer than the simple diversions offered by many of our competitors, so our service and quality is much longer lasting. We develop each workshop and appropriate kits while keeping in mind our values of being environmentally friendly and having a green footprint as much as possible by using recycled, eco, nontoxic or biodegradable materials. We aim to limit and distract kids from screen time and let them calm down from their busy routines while benefiting from the therapeutic and educational attributes of crafting. We foster and improve the creativity of every child by encouraging, motivating, inspiring and leading them to use latest innovative crafting programs where kids make fun and trendy crafts and impress everyone including, themselves.


Young and adults alike are taught a special sewing and crafting program, where they can learn life skills essential for future employability. Certificates will be issued at the end of each level. Our graduates will be able to use some skills learned in the program and improve their job readiness. We believe that they will be more prepared than their peers at schools upon completing our programs and become ready to enter the job market and accomplish self-sustainability (eg. be involved in fashion and design or sewing and alteration business).


Company Guarantee

The service guarantee offered by Craftonomics ensures that our instructors will be on time, that materials will be delivered, and curriculum will be covered.  We do our best to ensure satisfaction and full quality courses by coordinating with clients before the events to make sure their expectations match the course offerings. Craftonomics values customer satisfaction as a priority and offers unique programs and customized curriculum to meet every group or individual’s needs and interests. Craftonomics aims for high quality, trusted and reliable program that brings out the confidence, creativity, and curiosity of the school-aged kids while teaching them to be more self-sufficient.


Craftonomics owner and founder, Lola Ahmedova is a mother of 2 and has her Masters Degree in Economics. She has completed Advanced Sewing and Crochet training and won a grant from the YMCA Enterprise Center to establish Craftonomics.

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